Saturday, 28 March 2015

It's been two weeks at the Slow Carb Diet. How am I doing?

Recently, much has changed in my life. I moved to Edinburgh, I started a new job, and I also took upon 30 - day challenge doing the Slow Carb Diet. It has been few days since I try to eat accordingly with the diet’s principle and I want to share with you my thoughts. Well… how am I doing? The answer is: VERY GOOD!

At first it seemed to me that the constant eating of meats, vegetables and beans will be unbearable, but honestly with time it turned out that preparing meals in accordance with the diet, is actually very tasty, the portions are big, and I am losing weight faster than ever. In today's post I will describe briefly what I eat for breakfast, dinner and my favourite day of the week in other words on the cheat day. Snacks and lunches I will leave for another occasion.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and I always try to have it no later than 45 minutes after getting up. I would often eat scrambled eggs, baked sausages with vegetables, and salads for example with tuna. Here, in the picture I had some scrambled eggs with vegetables and baked beans in a tomato sauce with the addition of cayenne pepper.

I eat dinner always around 8pm and I generally choose vegetables as an option for example of fried fresh vegetables with garlic butter and herbs.

During the whole week, I stick to the rules of the diet, and everything what I want to eat but I can't I would buy and eat on Saturday - a picture below. Even though I feel like a big balloon after a day-long indulgence, my weight still goes down anyways! Sounds too good? But it's true! Slow Carb works wonders!

I have prepared for you a list of my advice that will hopefully help you deal with the first few days on the Slow Carb Diet:
- First, arrange the menu for the whole week, I know this is hard to imagine all of the meals for the entire week but it helps to control what you eat.
- Try to do the shopping only once a week, so you buy only what is necessary.
- Try to eat the meals at the same time every day. This will guarantee that you will not be hungry as our bodies like routines!
- It is best to choose a cheat day on a day when you do not do much and spend most of the time at home as this is when we tend to eat more. For me this would be a Saturday also because this is when I go out in the evening with friends and enjoy eating out and drinking some alcohol at a party.
- Believe me, you can't last long on a diet, if every day you are going to have the same thing over and over again. I tried with chicken and vegetables, it just gets too boring and demotivating. Try to look for different recipes and eat meals that very in ingredients.
In Slow Carb Diet, once a week you can eat everything you want!

Changing quickly subject: I don't know if you realise, but it is approximately100 days left until the summer starts so maybe it's a good time to take up the challenge...? :-)

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